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?Moatti Rivière Architecte for 3D visuals from 1st floor of Eiffel Tower

?Johanna Leguerre for pictures from the Eiffel Tower glass floor

?DR Valode & Pistre architectes (“Perspective du concours” from the new Saint-Gobain Headquarters office project in La Défense)

?Thierry Mercier for some pictures of "Domolab" and "Maison Saint-Gobain Multi-Confort" pages

?Daniel Pype for some pictures in the "Principles of Conduct and Action" pages

?Franck Dunouau for some pictures in the "Sustainable Development" pages

?E-GLAS / Villa Overby, Sweden, Architect: John Robert Nilsson Arkitektkontor, Photographer: Lindman Photography for the picture in the top banner of the "Sustainable Development" pages

?Jean Chiscano

?Vincent Rackelboom ("General Meeting")

?Adfors for "About Saint-Gobain"

?Charles Rohaut de Fleury, Paris, Archives Nationales in the "History" page

?Yeo Guo Hao / Getty EyeEm in the Homepage

"Our businesses" pages:

?Mahima Sud

?PH. Thomas Déron, 2014

?Ph Dam Tao

?Vincent Rackelboom

"Construction products" pages:


?Saint-Gobain PAM

?Saint-Gobain Isover

"Innovative materials" pages:

?Thomas Déron (FR) – 2014

Remerciements à A Glass House

?Azor Muthu

?Archiv VCES a.s

?Franck Dunouau

"Building Distribution' pages:

?Noel Bouchut / POINT.P

?Saint-Gobain Distribution Batiment ? Franck DUNOUAU



?Telhanorte/Saint-Gobain Distribui?ao Brasil

?Xavier Schwebel

?Arnaud Lombard?

"Delegation" pages:

?Saint-Gobain Canaliza?ao

"Habitat markets" pages:

?Michal Bystriansky/Saint-Gobain Vertex

?Saint-Gobain Glass

? Ph. Filippo Leonardi/Arch : Santiago Calatrava

"Industrial applications" pages:

?Bernard Gouédard

"Interior finishing" pages:

?Ph. Thomas Déron

"Technological materials" pages:

?Saint-Gobain Abrasives - photographe Cameron Mc Gill

?Saint-Gobain Abrasifs

?Franck Dunouau

?Saint-Gobain NorPro - photographe Bruce Gates

?Saint-Gobain ZirPro

?Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics - photographe Matt Everson – 2011

?Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

?Saint-Gobain Adfors

?Saint-Gobain Glass Benelux, 2009

?Patrick Chedal, 2004

"Energy Efficiency" pages:

?Ph.: Kari Palsila/CRAPS Oy/Arch.: Olli Metso/Tiina Antinoja

"Distribution and Services Solutions" pages:

?Saint-Gobain Distribution Batiment?

?Franck Dunouau

?Bruno Fert



?Raphael de Bengy

?Saint-Gobain PAM

?Coignieres_Raphael de Bengy


"Innovation News Innovative materials" pages:

?Chedal – Desmier 2010

"Innovation News Building Distribution" pages:?

? Pierre-Yves Brunaud

"Picture library":

?Saint-Gobain – Maison Saint-Gobain Multi-Confort (2011, Beaucouzé) – Arch. ARCHIfact – Ph. Thierry Mercier

?Ph.: Kari Palsila/CRAPS Oy/Arch.: Olli Metso/Tiina Antinoja

?DR Valode & Pistre architectes

?Dobrowolska Marta

?Azor Muthu

?Noel Bouchut / POINT.P

?Liling Zhang , 2013

?Ph.: Josefine Unterhauser

Stories pages:

Domolab Story

?Saint-Gobain - DomoLab (2011, Aubervilliers) - Arch. Encore Heureux ET Sismo - Ph. Thierry Mercier

Catalog Story

?Franck Dunouau

Logistics Story

?Willy Berré

Tower Bridge Story


Multi-Comfort House Story

?Saint-Gobain – Maison Saint-Gobain Multi-Confort (2011, Beaucouzé) – Arch. ARCHIfact – Ph. Thierry Mercier

La Halle de Pantin Story

?Pierre Yves Brunaud

?Xavier Schwebel

?Bruno Fert

Saint-Just Story

?Philippe Valery/Verrerie de Saint-Just

?Ecole Fran?aise d’Extrême-Orient

Cathedrals Story


350 years Story?


Senior market Story

? Studio Felix Wey

? Franck DUNOUAU

? Sanitas Troesch

? Arnaud Lombard

Building Distribution Showrooms Story

? Franck DUNOUAU



? Décorcéram

Vita Confort Story

??Vita Confort

?Avantages Pro POINT.P Story

? No?l Bouchut

? Fotolia

A major group reflected in its major projects Story

? RPBW, ph. Stefano Goldberg / Publifoto Genova, Renzo Piano

?DR Valode & Pistre architectes;sept. 2014, Saint-Gobain Tower

?photo Josip ?kof; Zagreb Airport – author architects Branko Kincl, Velimir Neidhardt, Jure Radi?

?James Steinkamp Photography, Shakespeare Theater, Chicago, United-States

? Laurent Zylberman-Graphix-Images, Paris Law Courts?

?SageGlass, DLC architecture, Warwick hotel in Geneva, Suisse

? Dmitriy Kandinskiy /, Sergey Choban from SPEECH design company, Arena Krasnodar, Russia

? Designed by DIALOG’, Calgary Airport

?Marcelo Aniello, Gran Meliá Nacional hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

New isover glass wool. Innovation for all Story


?Saint-Gobain ISOVER

New eclaz glazing. Clearly innovative Story

? Grenade and Sparks

? Getty images

Saint-gobain acquieres the means to fulfil its ambitions Story


? Saint-Gobain

Homly you: conduct your renovation work with complete peace of mind Story

?Adobe Stock?



350th anniversary video:

?RMN-Grand Palais (Chateau de Versailles) / Michel Urtado

?Ieoh Ming Pei / RMN-Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / Ph. : Hervé Lewandowski

?Fabrice Robin (


"Find my product" page:

?Annie Engel / Cultura / Getty Images



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