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Principles of Conduct & Action: the foundations of our decisions

They enable us to set out clearly our actions in challenging professional situations and to develop solutions that respect and comply with our values and workplace health and safety.


Saint-Gobain's HR policies are structured around 4 priorities: professional mobility, team diversity, employee commitment and talent development.

A company paying attention to the teams' safety at work

"Safety" is one of the 3 most recurring words used by new hires* to describe Saint-Gobain.

A learning organization for continuous development of everyone’s competencies

In 2016, the training effort was over than 25 hours per employee.

A company than enables the teams to share best practices

Each year, nearly 2,000 managers are invited to meet and exchange directly with the Senior Management team during sessions organized by Saint-Gobain across a dozen countries.

Importance given to the human being

68% of new hires* consider the relationship with their colleagues is as good as or better than their expectations.

50% of those new hires* mention spontaneously the human dimension when describing Saint-Gobain.

I will not promote anyone who succeeds at the expense of others.
Pierre-André de Chalendar
Chairman & CEO

*Extract from “Saint-Gobain’s new hires” study among recent recruits across 8 countries (made in 2016 by 4ventsgroup for Saint-Gobain).

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